Troops Out of our Schools! Thursday 30th August

August 30, 2007

TONIGHT in Glasgow! – A really interesting event that all teachers should support!  For my views on the subject please see my previous post.

School Students Against War Public Meeting
7.30pm Langside Halls, 1 Langside Avenue, Shawlands, Glasgow
Speakers Include:
Rose Gentle (Military Families Against War), Sam Fairbairn (School Students Against War), Lorna McKinnon (Student, Bellahouston Academy)
Bush and Blair’s war on terror has left Iraq in ruins.  655,000+ have died at their hands.  The occupying forces are failing to provide basic public services while they rob Iraq of its oil wealth. Hundreds of British soldiers are dead as a consequence of the war.  Troop morale is at an all-time low: senior military figures and ordinary soldiers are increasingly speaking out against the war.  Others are voting with their feet by leaving the army in record numbers. Faced with troop shortages, the military are conducting a recruitment drive among the most vulnerable young people in our society.  Now, school students and teachers are speaking out against military recruitment in schools.
Troops out of Iraq, Troops out of our Schools!

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Teaching to Kill? Army School Ban

August 24, 2007

I was really happy when I saw this article on the BBC

“Scotland’s biggest teaching union has voted by a clear majority to call for a ban on the armed forces targeting recruitment campaigns at schools.Teachers vote for army school ban

Schools should educate about peace and non-violence, not propagandize children for the military industry. I use the word propagandize because they don’t seem to tell the whole story

Supporters of the ban claimed the military targeted teenagers with t-shirts, pictures of helicopters and even Christmas cards from the recruiting officers.

I hate it when they make war so trivial ignoring the horrific reality of what you’ll be involved in. All the TV adverts have exciting images, theres never footage of dead or injured soldiers, its all “cool” helicopters, tanks and sporting events.  Like the Simpsons video says mocking this PR “the Army – its everything you love” implying its nothing you’d hate too. They should hand out their postcards then the school should make the children watch a documentary like Baghdad ER.

The UK also has a poor record in regard to child soldiers which no school should play a part in.

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