New Course: From Nand to Tetris in 12 steps

December 22, 2007

I really feel strongly that we should be academically boycotting Israel so perhaps I shouldn’t be posting this? Anyway its a great lecture so I’ll let it slide this once…

I think this is exactly what I was hoping university would be like when I first entered.

Innovative, create, dynamic, useful, involved, challenging.

You learn in a useful way and you learning the whole process inside
and out. Also its entertaining and fun.

I don’t know why University is so stale. Perhaps theres too many money
men and too much bureaucracy?

This course is also worth a mention. By the end of the course the student is able to make there own, a bold claim. Whats more the MIT professor has realeased the book/course for free over the internet. Again the kind of thing I believe Universites should be doing.

It was through a talk with the author on IT conversations that I came across it

Software Engineering for Internet Applications


How the Open Source Movement Has Changed Education: 10 Success Stories

June 28, 2007

A great article about Open Source sofware and Education.  I’ve been particularly interested in MITs “opencourseware” project for some time and would like to see Scottish Universities do something similar(I’ll post more on this later).  One of the best books on web design I’ve ever read was the textbook created for an MIT course and available free to everyone over the net (see my reading list for the link).  Open Source, free culture and Create Commons licensing are very new and important steps that should be encouraged.

Open source and open access resources have changed how colleges, organizations, instructors, and prospective students use software, operating systems and online documents for educational purposes. And, in most cases, each success story also has served as a springboard to create more open source projects.

Full article: How the Open Source Movement Has Changed Education: 10 Success Stories