Games in Education

July 2, 2007

Games in Education video created by Mark Wagner and Michael Guerena of the Orange County (CA) Department of Education’s Educational Technology group. They have given permission to post. A really interesting video on games in education.  I completly agree that games can play a major role in education, when I got my hands on the Nintendo DS title “Brain Training” my first thought was “wow – I wish I’d had this as a kid!”  I think it could be an excellent tool.  I do think we have to be careful however.  I’ve recently finish a book discussing violence in western culture and its effects on creating a violent society.  I believe theres a strong argument against the use of violent games (I’ll explain my position on this in future posts).  To think that children could learn much about WWII by playing a war management game I think is stretching things, the important lessons remain the human experience for evacuated children and their bombed homes, to reverse this and have children selecting to bomb cities is a gross perversion. I think our schools should try to create a progressive education focused on the values of peace, human rights and non-violence.  In my opinion theres no justification for normalising violence to children.  Education establishments also bear a large responsibility, if we do allow any violent games into the education system, they could be played by every child in the country.  Even if the game has a very small effect of enabling violent attitudes this will be amplified over the entire nation. Read the rest of this entry »


Some fun: Retro Educational Games

July 2, 2007

I still remember all the old computer games we had at school.  I put up this image of Grannies Garden because its the only one I could find anything about.  I can remember lots of them clearly my favourites were

  1. Keyboard Skills
  2. King of the Jungle
  3. Grannies Garden  
  4. Wagons West
  5. Pob / Pod?

I guess they made a big impact on me, more so because my mum was a teacher at the school so I often had to stay late waiting on her to finish.  I used the time constructivly to achieve the highest scores on all the games.  Apparently my mum still uses the same BBC and I’m still top after all these years!  All that extra playing time must have paid off!