Some fun: Retro Educational Games

I still remember all the old computer games we had at school.  I put up this image of Grannies Garden because its the only one I could find anything about.  I can remember lots of them clearly my favourites were

  1. Keyboard Skills
  2. King of the Jungle
  3. Grannies Garden  
  4. Wagons West
  5. Pob / Pod?

I guess they made a big impact on me, more so because my mum was a teacher at the school so I often had to stay late waiting on her to finish.  I used the time constructivly to achieve the highest scores on all the games.  Apparently my mum still uses the same BBC and I’m still top after all these years!  All that extra playing time must have paid off!


6 Responses to Some fun: Retro Educational Games

  1. Vicky says:

    Oh my god – I was racking my brains recently to try to remember the BBC game with the 4 coloured dragons – that was it! Thankyou!

  2. Tartan says:

    The dragons bit was my favourite too, you can buy a version for your pc here, I’m tempted…

  3. Jings! There’s something quite reassuring about the White Mountains and the Woodcutters Cottage still strikes fear into me. I’ve still got the handouts that went with the game. With the dragon graffics it’s a real classic!

  4. Lee says:

    Yes! I also remember the one with the river which would flood, and the bandits who would raid if you didn’t use your village’s workers wisely!

    And did anyone else sit for ages in front of the tape loaded Welcome programs?

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