Private schooling key factor in career success

Interesting article in the Guardian on private schooling.

A study examining the educational backgrounds of the 500 most influential people working in politics, the media, medicine, law and business reveals that more than half had attended fee-paying independent schools. That compares with the tiny proportion of pupils – just 7% – who are privately educated.

The significance of private schooling for career success has declined only slightly during the past 20 years, the study by the Sutton Trust education charity found.

Dr Lee Elliot Major, the Sutton Trust’s director of research, said: “This analysis shows that the school you attend at age 11 has a huge impact on your life chances, and particularly how likely you are to reach the top of your chosen profession.

“We are still to a large extent a society divided by wealth, with future elites groomed at particular schools and universities, while the educational opportunities available to those from non-privileged backgrounds make it much more difficult for them to reach the top.”

Guardian: Private schooling key factor in career success

From what I’ve read elsewhere theres also a different focus in private schools.  There children are being taught to be leaders whereas in public schools children are taught to be led.  This might sound like a sweeping statement but I’d suggest not just dismissing it but instead investigating yourself to see what you find.  John Taylor Gatto would be a good place to start.


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