John Taylor Gatto – Classrooms of the Heart 1991

April 12, 2007

John Taylor Gatto uses alternative methods to inspire deprived children to enjoy education.  His secret – he hates “schooling” and ignores tests concentrating on preparing pupils for life.


J. T. Gatto interviewed by Lennart Mogren, Sweden, March 2003

April 12, 2007

John Taylor Gatto is a learned eloquent critic of the present school system all over the world. In this interview he exposes the hidden agenda that makes most of us hate school. I have written a book, “Sluta skolan!”, on my own experiences and views and I have come to the same conclusions as Mr Gatto has. He exposes the dark and terrifying machinery behind the scenes. Mr Gatto gíves us hope and tools to start dismantling this hideous institution. In my view parents need to get in charge of their kids’ education in new loving and nurturing ways. Mr Gatto is a great inspiration for those of us who realize this.

Education and eLearning: An Introduction

April 2, 2007

This blog is where I will share my thoughts on education articles/books I read and on the latest developments I find in eLearning.